In short

CrisisSync™ enables portable access to facility pre-plans.

For Education

Building-level plans should be easily accessible and portable to your safety team and first responders that provide services to your locations. Enhance response time to protect lives and ensure safety by making plans available at the tip of their fingers.

Our solution & features

For Non-Profits

Your organization provides programs and services that empower your members and the community. Now there is an opportunity to go a step further if and when a crisis occurs by putting your on-site information in the hands of staff members and first responders, allowing them to act quickly, protecting lives and ensuring safety.

Our solution & features

For Businesses

The next generation crisis management platform should allow your business to easily provide on-site information to key personnel and first responders, so lives are saved and assets are protected. Put this information at the tips of their fingers.

Our solution & features